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Door onderhoudswerkzaamheden is de Nederlandse pagina van ATDOR even niet beschikbaar.


Atdor version 2.9.3 released

A new version of ATDOR is released. This minor update features:

  • A more flexible way of allocating athletes to heats
  • Initial support for disabled athletes
  • Support for new (dutch) atletiekunie licence file, please contact via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.
  • Fixes for faster database support
  • Other minor reported problems fixed.

The version can be downloaded via the Download menu option.

Minor update: ATDOR 2.9.1

A small bug caused that we released a new version 2.9.1 of ATDOR. This version fixes the bug: "errorInfo: expected integer but got "" (processing "-height" option).

This new version can be downloaded via the Download menu option on the left.

ATDOR version 2.8 released

A new version 2.8 of ATDOR is available with support for competition for team of athletes. You can download the version here, or from the download menu. Competitions can be defined based upon the events, including relay teams. Another issue, related to the slow printing is also solved. A complete list of most important issues address is given below:

  • Significantly improved printing speed
  • Added support for competitions.
  • Added full name functions for better middle name support in ATDOR
  • Fix for 50mH, 60mH, 80mH, 300mH participation failure that some athletes are not filled in.
  • Fixed error with setting of flags for points by event category.
  • French translation of version 2.6 by Olivier
  • start screen adapted for chrono times and active rounds, fixed number for participation and buttons for not active rounds
  • Changed start screen for chrono times for multiple rounds.
  • Changed Sex to Gender
  • Removed outdated .adr file support
  • Lot of minor bugs solved


ATDOR version 2.9 released



We are happy to inform you that for the new outdoor season, version 2.9 of ATDOR has been released. This version includes better and easier ways to set up your meeting and competition teams for meetings with a competition element.
  • Easier selection of meeting events and time table.
  • Easier way to create and fill competition teams
  • Improved export of combined results and added birth day and wind.
  • Improved readability of top menu items by including spaces.
  • Improved scaling of various windows.




ATDOR 2.6 released


Note: one of the download links erroneously linked to version 2.5 . This has been fixed now.

We are happy to announce the immediate release of ATDOR 2.6 with bug fixes and improved support for Combined events.

You can download this release via this link www.atdor.com/en/download of the ATDOR website or directly via this link.

Release notes for 2.6 (English)

  • Support for Combined events upto 20 events. (icosathlon).
  • Better overview of combined events on main screen.
  • Easier set-up with predefined event list for well-known combined events such as decathlon, heptathlon, etc.
  • Added points calculation for combined events, fixed points calculation for women shot put (combined event).
  • Export to spreadsheet for combined events added.
  • Support for master correction for points in combined events.
  • Different bugs related to combined event fixed.
  • Support for multiple ATDOR programs using a single electronic time. So the meeting can be split across multiple computers.
  • Updated (dutch) club list
  • Added select/deselect all button for printing lists.
  • Added function to calculate points based on category of the athlete, not of the event.
  • Solved issues related to using Database to prevent data loss.
  • Bug fixed for missing athletes in result if using more than one series.